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Camden Drug Rehab Centers finds the most effective treatment for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. We match addicts with the right drug and alcohol treatment facility that best suits their needs.

It's understood that drug abuse becomes a problem when it interferes with your life, including work activities, society, and family. Addiction counselors are dedicated towards helping patients how to not only life a sober life, but to truly love their new sober lifestyle. They want their patients to feel care for, understood, and most importantly unjudged. Most addicts feel as if they will be judged for their mistakes. The counselors at the drug treatment facilities that Camden Drug Rehab Centers works with would never judge you.

They will be there to listen, observe, and guide patients towards the life that they always deserved. Call Camden Drug Addiction Rehab Centers at (877) 804-1531 for help finding the most effective treatment if you or your loved one suffers from addiction.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Camden

Why Seek Help With Camden Drug Rehab Centers?

Drug and alcohol rehab centers are devoted to helping the addict return to their family and productive lifestyle as soon as possible, but the addict must be willing to accept that they need help to receive it. Frequently binge-drinking, and having wine with supper every night are two completely different manifestations of consuming alcohol.

Addiction can be a life-threatening condition if not treated immediately, so it is important to be honest with oneself. An intervention for drug and alcohol addiction may even be necessary. The Johnson Institute reports that if a family is involved in a recovery program then the users have an 80% higher chance of success than those who do not have family involved.

Some signs of addiction include:

  • Use or abuse of the drug interferes with family or societal roles
  • Struggling to fulfill work obligations
  • Failure to upkeep essential needs like nutrition and sleep
  • Constant abuse despite legal or financial issues
  • Withdrawal symptoms prevent them from quitting

Addiction is defined as a brain disease, changing the brain activity such that the addict can no longer help themselves. Addicts will lose their job, quit school, abandon friends and family, and even become criminal in order to support their addiction. An inpatient drug rehab center in Camden, NJ will take every necessary step to getting you recovered.

One of the addiction treatment options offered at a residential drug and alcohol rehab center is medically-assisted detox. This process will gradually detach the addict's body from any offending substances. Because the brain and body are accustomed to the substances, it will be painful to adapt to a world without them.

This is what causes withdrawal symptoms to occur, and medications are often used to ease this chemical migration. It takes about a week to shake off the physical changes and a few more to become stable. The length and pace depends solely on the patient's progress and volatility. A drug detox program in Camden thoroughly assesses the patient's progress to make this as safe as possible. This also helps in screening for the possibility of a dual diagnosis. Twelve step programs also help addicts accept their problem as a disease and encourages them to receive help.

For those with responsibilities that they must attend to, outpatient addiction treatment programs are available. Medications that reduce the cravings for other drugs are sometimes required, but they must be carefully administered to avoid becoming a secondary addiction. This is why outpatient cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps addicts to deal with addictive behaviors, is also necessary for this program.

Make the Call to Camden Drug Rehab Centers

According to NIDA addiction research, patients who don't receive follow-up addiction treatment programs after the drug detox process usually resume their drug use. Because of this, drug and alcohol rehab centers offer relapse prevention programs where patients are provided with all of the tools that they will need to prevent relapse and enter back into their old, toxic habits.

They do this by preparing these patients to identify triggers or temptations so that they can develop coping skills to no longer let these triggers affect them. Redirecting negative beliefs and addictive habits into liberal thinking and constructive behaviors allows our patients to live independently, happily, and sober.

If you or your loved one are ready to regain control of your life, then don't hesitate. Make the call to Camden Drug Rehab Centers at (877) 804-1531 to get paired with the best drug and alcohol treatment facility available.

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